High Density Concrete Aggregate

Magnetite has a natural high density and is used to increase the concrete density. High density concrete is used for many different applications which includes:

  • Counterweights for excavators, mobile cranes and industrial lifts.
  • Concrete weight coating for offshore oil and gas pipelines.
  • Concrete mattresses to protect offshore pipelines or cables.
  • Heat storage bricks in heaters.
  • Coastal protection blocks.
  • Radiation shielding concrete and bricks for X-Ray rooms, or bunkers where linear accelerators and proton therapy machines will be used for cancer treatment. Alternatively, it is also used in Nuclear waste containers made from concrete and some parts of nuclear reactor rooms.

There is no need for special equipment to produce high density concrete, which allows concrete ready-mix companies to use the same equipment they have already installed to make normal concrete to also make high density concrete.

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The Kara mine has been productive since 1978 and the mine resources exceed 20Mt. With our current processing facility, overburden and tailings storage facilities our planned mine life is over 25 years.

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